Friday, February 3, 2012

Blast off for Ethan's 5th Birthday!

A few weeks ago we celebrated our middle son's 5th birthday.  Each year I ask my children to think of a " theme" they may like for their birthday, they do some thinking and get back to me ever so excitedly!!!. I love that they want to become involved in their own party planning and dessert table styling!.

It was my son's last year at kindergarden and for the majority of the final term they were learning about Space, planets, rockets and astronauts, so it was of no surprise to myself that Ethan would choose a "space theme" for his party!.  He has actually developed a keen interest in the planets and can name them in the correct order to the sun...

We chose the invitations from Polkadot prints and Jordan went out of her way to ensure the matching wall paper arrived just in time for the party!. We printed off matching straw lables (how cute are these) and attached them to the star straws available from P is for Party. They looked great in the mini glass bottles don't you think?

The sweets table included yummy caramel mud and milk chocolate ganache rocket ship cake, gingerbread rocket ship cookies, " alien" oreo cake pops and vanilla space cupcakes.  The sweets table would not have been complete without the delicious jelly beans and sixlets from Sweet Style. They looked so cute in the mini glass apothecary jars, also available from Sweet Style.

The children had such a wonderful time, we played pin the rocket ship on the planets (a game where each child had to wear a "space helmet".  They then had to stick down their rocketship on the planets poster - the child with the rocketship closest to the sun won a small prize.

We also made little Astronaut survival kits were the children got to fill their very own goody bag to take home. The "kit" included an astronaut manual (sticker and colour book), space bubbles, a milkyway bar and a space pencil!.

Lee Bird Photography captured the awesome photos of the table. I especially love the shots of the alien cake pops!!!

All in all, the party was a huge hit, the kids had a great time and most importantly Ethan got to spend time with those special in his life right now.

A huge thank you to Amy Atlas, for featuring the party on her blog. This is my very first submission and to say that I was very excited to have recieved an email this morning advising that they would include in their featured submission, would be an understatement!!!

You can find more photos and the guest dessert feature here

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